Can you help Hungry Kirkland Kids over the long holiday school break?


Kirkland Nourishing Network is working to help feed some of the "neediest of the needy" in Kirkland elementary schools over the long holiday school break, this month. Thanksgiving help from the community was amazing. Now, we need your help to make this happen over this month’s school break.

Two requests of you:

1. Please take a look at the web site to see if you can help:

2. Please pass this information along to your contacts that aren't already supporting food insecurity in Kirkland this holiday season.

The two-week school break is a very long time period for food support for those that are unconnected to existing systems, but Kirkland has a reputation of stepping up to identified needs of neighbors. We have had great success in our Summer Feeding program and in the Thanksgiving food boxes. We are working with Hopelink and Pantry Packs to get connections to on-going support and aid to move to self-sufficiency. Some connections have been made and families are more secure. But that is not everyone. We are working with existing gaps that have been identified by those that see the needs of these children every day – the teachers and school counselors.

This is real need in our community, right now. You can make an immediate difference in the lives of these children and their families.

Thanks for considering these 2 requests. The first food delivery date is a week from Thursday. A second delivery date option is on the 29th.

You wouldn’t believe the impact these food boxes have on these families.

Thank you for considering helping.

Dave Asher