City priorities, goals and metrics reflected in yearly-snapshot report

Kirkland releases 2013 Performance Measure Report

The City of Kirkland has released its annual Performance Measure Report, a yearly-snapshot of the key service areas that support the City Council’s adopted goals. Notable achievements in 2013 include the Crime Mapping program that provides more transparency; improvement in pavement condition indexes for major and minor arterial, and more real-time traffic monitoring being conducted through the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) program.  Additionally, the City continues to retain its AAA credit rating from Standards and Poor.  The report acknowledges a decrease in office vacancy rates in 2013 which shows a positive trend for business growth and an increase of interest of businesses to locate on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  Other key achievements include citizens participating in the design of the new Neighborhood Safety Program and the continued support of volunteers in park restoration.
The City has been producing a Performance Report since 2005 and each department uses this document to drive its work plans, budgets and programs for the coming year as they strive to meet City Council and citizen priorities as derived from citizen surveys.  The Report ties operational achievements to the City Council’s goals of Balanced Transportation, Dependable Infrastructure, Economic Development, Human Services, Housing, Neighborhoods, Parks and Recreation, Public Safety, Financial Stability, and Environment. This year’s Performance Measure Report contains comparative data for the years 2009 to 2013.
To view the 2013 Performance Measure Report and previous reports, go to and search “Performance Measure Report.”  Alternative formats of the Performance Report are available upon request by contacting the Human Resources and Performance Management Department at 425-587-3210.