Views of Kirkland: The ever expanding role of government

The Kirkland City Council has been on a roll of late enacting measures meant to change the lives and behaviors of Kirkland citizens. One can argue whether or not these measures are good or bad, or if they are even the purview of a local elected body, but one cannot argue the fact that a new, more activist agenda is indeed being enacted by the Kirkland City Council.

Recent moves by the Kirkland City Council include progress on:

  • instituting a plastic bag ban;
  • requiring merchants to charge five cents for paper bags;
  • taking positions on gun control initiatives; and
  • making declarations about climate change.

Depending upon your point of view, these actions may all be well and good -- and long overdue. Or,  these actions may be viewed as an overreach of government and an intrusion into the lives of private citizens.

Whichever side of the coin you come down on, one thing is clear: our elected officials are expanding the reach of government into our lives, attempting to influence our votes and increasing the costs of how we live, work and play in Kirkland.

Are these modest moves that were long overdue and desperately needed? Or are they examples of bold government intrusion into our lives?

You decide. I'm off to a vacation at my buddy Vlad's dacha in the Crimea.

A note to my fellow comrades: 
or those of you who may not have a sense of humor, the above image is pure satire. And for those keeping score at home, this entire piece was written without using the word, "socialist". Spasibo.