Kirkland Says NO to Odors from Marijuana Processing and Production

At the September 16, 2014 Council meeting, the City Council adopted Ordinance O-4453 extending the interim regulations for retail marijuana sales for an additional six months. At that time, the City Council also expressed a desire for an interim regulation to assure the control of odors from all marijuana-related businesses.

On Tuesday, the Kirkland City Council instructed staff to modify a proposed ordinance which provides that marijuana processing and production businesses must be equipped with ventilation systems that prevent marijuana odors from being detected beyond the premises of the business and that a ventilation plan, prepared by a licensed mechanical engineer, be submitted at the time of the building and mechanical permit applications for review and approval. If odors from operations are detected, even with an approved plan, the business is subject to code enforcement. 

The will of the council was to remove marijuana retail businesses from the odor ordinance since odors created through the production and processing of marijuana is of concern, not retail. Despite concerns expressed by some council members, the vote for ordinance 4462 with an amendment to removal of the word "retail" the was unanimous.

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