LETTER: Roger Goodman Lied about driving stoned


State Representative Roger Goodman lied. He did, in fact, drive his children stoned and therefore, knowingly and repeatedly lied to the press and his constituents over the past couple of years. 

News sources such as The Seattle Times Editorial Board, The Kirkland Reporter and KOMO News were advised and offered substantive hard evidence as early as last April. Including Goodman admitting -- in his very own words, no less -- that he drives stoned. So why didn’t they investigate? Why didn’t they review evidence offered before continuing telling voters to “remember, allegations are from a divorce” implying that the mother of Goodman’s children committed perjury ... a felony ... Perhaps it has something to do with the text from Mr. Goodman to his then wife, stating, “So far I have killed print stories in all the major regional newspapers.” Mr. Goodman can be handsome, charming and convincing so I can understand how someone – even the press, could get. 

Still, the media's job is to inform the public of the truth. I keep hearing “but it’s election season and this evidence could affect the results of the race.” If that’s the case, that’s a compelling reason voters should be informed of Goodman’s lies. Goodman’s former wife didn’t wait until now, election season, to provide evidence — rather, the media refused to investigate earlier. Why?

While we've often observed various politicians getting caught with their pants down so to speak, it is a rare spectacle, indeed to see the offending politician blaming his wife and children — calling them liars — trying to cover his backside. But in this case, Goodman, his campaign and leaders in the Democratic Party seem determined to harm the reputation of his former wife by continuing to lie about her. Even worse, launched a very public media attack on her saying "shame" on those speaking the truth. As a result, she and her household endure harassment by Goodman supporters via email, Facebook messages and posts as well as a frightening and targeted middle-of-the-night intruder. This needs to stop. WACOPS, Washington State Troopers, Firefighters and MADD were unwittingly conned into publicly participating in this “smear” campaign against Goodman’s wife implying that she lied about Goodman driving his children stoned, IRS issues and about being a “deadbeat dad.” 

These organizations should immediately pull their endorsements and question appropriateness of Goodman chairing our State’s Public Safety. As a small business owner, Goodman’s former wife’s livelihood and the financial security of her children are at stake. She is not a public figure and has done nothing wrong, yet she has been maligned simply because she told the truth in order to try to protect their children from harm. Thomas Jefferson said, “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” It is the responsibility of the media if not the duty of the press to be the watchdog — to disseminate the truth. I’ve seen the evidence for myself. Don’t you think the you, the voter, has a right to decide if that evidence might influence your decision this election season?

Bethany Williamson