Thank you Kiwanis Club for the perfect Christmas Tree

Attention LWHS football fans: LWHS football players will be helping out at the Kiwanis Christmas Tree Lot on Saturday Dec. 6 from 10am – 2pm. Come down and support them as they support our community.



On Sunday, Kate and I made our annual trek to the Kiwanis Christmas Tree Lot at Juanita Beach and we came home with happy hearts, smiles on our faces, and of course, the perfect tannenbaum. We like to buy from Kiwanis Club because 100% of the proceeds goes to support our community and the volunteers manning the lot are always good for a story or two.

The first tree we saw was the one we wanted. "That's the one," we said and within two minutes we had paid for the very noble fir, picked up a few yummy treats and watched our happy Kiwanan volunteer helper have a little too much fun with the chainsaw -- it sure looked like fun cutting off branches and the requisite inch or so off the trunk.

This year we arrived unprepared to take our perfect tree home as the car we drove did not have a rack upon which to tie down the tree. "No problem," said our happy Kiwanan volunteer helper. A few minutes later our perfect tree was secured to the car after a slick twine through the doors maneuver, and we were on our merry way with a smile, a wave goodbye and a "Merry Christmas."

Once again, we have found our perfect tree. Thank you Kiwanis Club!