Lost Dog: Help Find Figs [u]

UPDATE: Good news! We just got word that Figs has been found and is now reunited with his family. We are so happy Figs is home. We can't imagine losing our dog and we are so pleased for the family.

Hi Rob, Thank you so much for posting the missing dog notice on Kirkland View. After a long day and even longer week, we were able to catch him today (pix below). Really appreciate your help in getting the message out there!

Your help is needed finding this lost dog which answers to name, "FIGS." If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the owners at the Craigslist link below.

Below is the copy of their Craigslist ad (https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/laf/4371582074.html).

1 year of age, so still a puppy.

Slipped his collar, therefore wearing no tags.
Figs is micro-chipped & identifiable; the chip has however migrated down towards his right front arm pit.

Intact / not-neutered & vaccinated 
Food driven. 
Skittish with adults. Can be frightened by strangers and unexpected loud noises.
Very kind puppy. Is not-aggressive, but barks (or runs) when frightened - easily frightened. Relaxed with kids and children.

Repeated sightings of him on Tues, 3-11-2014 mainly in Kirkland Highlands neighborhood along 100th (eastbound), 116th (southbound), 4th (southbound) between 18th and 17th, Cotton Hill Park (eastbound), and Kirkland Corridor (southbound). Last sighting 16:30 along 4th, south of the school. Also sighted twice along 85th street between 405 and 6th Street - on both north and south side of 85th/Central Way. 

No sightings reported morning of 3-12-2014, although he may have migrated his range to NorKirk area of Kirkland where there may be less awareness of his situation. 

Substantial reward available.

Thank you!