Leave It to Beaver at Juanita Beach

If you've ever walked along the old roadway turned boardwalk at Juanita Bay Park and looked into the watery marsh, there's a good chance you've seen a beaver dam on the east side of the walkway. If you are lucky, you may have caught a glimpse of the furry rodent.

I have long heard stories of beavers sightings at the park and even swimming the distance between Juanita Bay Park and Juanita Creek at Juanita Beach Park but for the past decade I have looked many times and seen nothing.

Nothing, that is, until today.

While I was walking in Juanita Beach Park's west end at the creek this morning, I caught a glimpse of the elusive little guy. This quiet part of the park was only occupied by a few pairs of ducks. The stillness of the scene was only jarred by the unmistakable paddling tail of a little beaver motoring his way up the creek. I tried to snap a photo of him but he wasn't in the mood to say 'cheese'. So, no luck in the photo department. The one above is compliments of Wikipedia.

I like that Juanita Beach Park has both active areas with beach volleyball, swing sets and kids playing in the grass, yet a stone's throw away, one can see ducks and beavers swimming around in their own world.

Just another reason we enjoy living in Kirkland.

Apologies to Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont and the rest of the "Leave It to Beaver" folks.