Juanita Bridge Sign Dedication, Today at 3pm

Juanita Bay Bridge

The Juanita Neighborhood Association has spearheaded the project to provide updated historical interpretive signs telling the story of the village developed two decades before Kirkland. 

Friday March 28th at 3:00 there will be a dedication of the first three of 5 signs planned to  replace the older, faded ones on the Juanita Bay Bridge originally installed in 1976 and contain updated information and photos.

Funding for these three signs has come from a grant from 4Culture in cooperation with the Juanita Neighborhood Association, City of Kirkland Parks and Recreation, Kirkland Heritage Society.

The two signs being unveiled Friday at the north end of the Juanita Bay bridge are “In the Beginning” telling the story of early settlement, and “The Corduroy Bridge”, the story of the bridge that was originally built to connect Juanita to the then predicted boom town of Kirkland. There is also a new sign mid-bridge replacing the older sign about “The Steamers of Juanita Bay”.

Karen Lightfeldt, chair of the committee to create the new historical interpretive signs, says funds are being raised by the neighborhood association that will provide an additional sign portraying Juanita of the 40’s and 50’s and a sign to replace the current one relaying the story of the piers sticking out of the bay that belonged to a Seattle gravel dock.

In 2012 two signs were installed at Juanita Beach that portrays the history of Juanita Beach and the Forbes family, also a project of the Juanita Neighborhood Association and made possible by matching funds from Neighborhood grants and contributions by the Forbes family.