Political Tolerance: Liberals and Conservatives Really Are Different

Mother Jones has published an interesting article suggesting that conservatives and liberals may actually be biologically different.

According to the article, John Hibbing, a political scientist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, thinks that humans have, "core preferences for how societies ought to be structured: Some of us are more hierarchical, as opposed to egalitarian; some of us prefer harsher punishments for rule breakers, whereas some of us would be more inclined to forgive; some of us find outsiders or out-groups intriguing and enticing, whereas others find them threatening. Hibbing and his team have even found that preferences on such matters appear to have a genetic basis."

According to Hibbing, we don't fully control our political orientation, any more than we do our sexual orientation or our left-hand/right-hand orientation. Hibbing believes that understanding this promotes political tolerance.

And when you combine Hibbing’s research on the physiology of ideology with waves of other studies showing that liberals and conservatives appear to differ when it comes to genetics, hormones, moral emotions, personalities, and even brain structures, the case for politics being tied to biology seems pretty strong indeed.
— http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2014/04/inquiring-minds-john-hibbing-physiology-ideology

I found the article interesting in how it explains the differences in perception between the political right and left. I hope you do as well.

Above image: Ephemeral Films