Mystery Solved: Just what are the black boxes on Lake Street?

Earlier this week, we posted some photos of black boxes in downtown and asked our readers if anyone knew what they were. The City of Kirkland has responded below:

These video-recording cameras are owned by TRANSPO/IDAX  and are performing  noon traffic counts at selected intersections. These counts are needed for  the  Citywide safety and  traffic flow improvement project which will:

1)      Optimize signal timing on three corridors: NE 85th Street-Central Way,  Lake Washington-100th Ave and NE 124th Street

2)      Install new signal controllers at 12 intersections

3)      It will connect the NE 124th Street-100th Juanita-Woodinville corridors’ signals to the City’s new Traffic Management Center

(This system is less expensive than paying for the cost of human counters.)


Want more info? Contact Iris Cabrera, Public Works, Transportation Division, at 425-587-3866 or