LETTER: Can you answer these questions about downtown Kirkland?


Here are some questions that have puzzled me as I’ve walked, run and biked around my downtown Kirkland neighborhood.

  1. Why does the Bank of America, at the corner of Lake Street and Kirkland Avenue, usually have an armed guard standing outside at the front door? (Black uniform, heavy boots and a bulletproof vest!!) Is downtown Kirkland considered a hot possibility for bank robbery attempts?
  2. Who’s cars are filling up the ParkPlace parking lot (on the northeast corner; Central Way and 6th)?  After the 24 Hour Fitness moved, that part of the lot was empty, now it’s filled on a daily basis.  Is someone renting all of those spots?
  3. What do they do at “our” Google?  We know that Google has lots of business lines, but just what are the specialties at Kirkland Google?
  4. It’s curious to me that there are is no place to get an alcoholic drink at the Houghton Center.  A cold brew would be nice after a hard day of shopping at the Metropolitan Market!!

I’m sure that there are other puzzlers out there but maybe one of your readers can shed some light on mine.


Jim Hitter