IBA drops objection to Chainline Brewing, letter writing campaign ended

Following discussions between the International Ballet Academy (IBA) and the owners of Chainline Brewing Company, all official objections to the WSLCB from the IBA have been dropped. On Wednesday afternoon, Scott Holm posted the following on ChainlineBrewing.com:

Chainline Brewing Company is happy to report the results of a very positive meeting with the president of the ballet parents association. We would like to thank Sheila Delany-Duke for meeting with us and seeking out the information which ultimately eased the group’s concerns enough to retract their official objections to our brewery license. While we have been warned that a few individuals may continue with their dispute, the concerted effort by the group has been abandoned. We are still awaiting confirmation from the WSLCB, but it does appear that the contest to our application will be removed allowing it to proceed normally. We look forward to a positive working relationship not only with the International Ballet Academy but all of our neighbors, businesses and individuals alike. We would like to thank all those who spoke out on the matter, and specifically those who advocated discussion and diplomacy, which subsequently led to a favorable resolution for all involved.
— ChainlineBrewing.com

We are pleased to see a positive resolution to this situation and we look forward to Chainline opening day. Thank you to all of the Kirkland Views readers who sent emails to WSLCB and made comments on these pages. We look forward to the success and tastiness of the craft beer industry in Kirkland.