Map Your Neighborhood Training, Oct. 9

Map Your Neighborhood facilitator training is being offered by The Greater Kirkland Citizen Corps Council and the Kirkland Office of Emergency Management on Thursday, October 9, 2014, from 7-9 PM at Fire Station 22 (6602 108th Avenue NE).  All materials will be provided so at the end of the class you will be prepared to get your neighborhood organized and prepared.
Did you know that in the City of Kirkland we have nearly 80,000 people and only 20 firefighters/EMT's on duty at any one time?  Do the math.  When disaster strikes, you could be on your own for a very long time, dealing with fires, structural damage, serious injury and other difficult situations.  Our First Responders will be overwhelmed.  You will need to depend on personal preparedness and the goodness of your neighbors.
Map Your Neighborhood is a program that helps you rally your neighbors ahead of time so you know what resources and skills are available in time of trouble.  Maybe someone has a chain saw or a tent or a backhoe.  Perhaps one is a nurse and another is a plumber.  It could be important to know.
It's free!  Register at