Traffic signal at LW High School gives westbound traffic a “green light” for left turns

City responds to student’s request


In May 2014, Taylor Holliday, a Lake Washington High School Senior student, made a request to the Kirkland City Council for a traffic signal with a left turn arrow for westbound traffic to enter Lake Washington High School.   The Kirkland Public Works Street Division added an arrow to the existing traffic signal which was operational in time for the first day of school on September 2, 2014.  The modified signal now shows a left green arrow for westbound traffic on NE 80th Street, giving drivers the ability to enter the High School, while eastbound drivers yield to a red light.


Holliday presented the City Council a petition with over 350 signatures from current and alumni students.  She gather comments about the need for the traffic signal adjustment and expressed that the lack of the turn arrow adds risks to many inexperienced drivers.