LETTER: Legislature should vote NO on Washington Ag-Gag Bill

Dear Editor,

I’m disheartened that an “ag-gag” bill is being peddled in Olympia. For the uninitiated, “ag-gag” bills criminalize whistleblowers for videotaping cruelty to animals on farms, but let the actual abusers off without punishment. Not only is this bill bad for animals, it gives a free pass to animal abusing mega-farms. Similar bills have been peddled in other states only to stir up controversy due to first amendment violations, drawing ire from a diverse coalition of free speech advocates, animal lovers, environmentalists, and more. If Washington wants to help out abusive corporations and quash free speech, they ought to pass HB 1104, the crazy ag-gag bill. But, I know most of our friends in Olympia wouldn't want this, so I urge them to please take a stand against this bill and vote “no” if it’s brought to the floor.

Houston Wong