LETTER | Embarrassed and Disappointed by Kirkland Parking Enforcement

Dear Editor:

Most of us who live and work in Kirkland know not to over extend our parking time in downtown Kirkland. And I get it, parking regulations are in place so people don’t hog the spaces. However, this goes beyond the pale.

Last night we invited some friends from Issaquah to meet us for dinner at Cactus. We were meeting at 6 pm and they texted us as we leaving our home to meet them about 5:45 that they were at the restaurant and had put their name in for a table.

After a fine meal with excellent service we were sitting talking and Rich was looking at my watch and said he had better go out and buy more time at the parking lot as he had only paid for two hours and the time was just about up. He went out and was standing at the pay station behind someone having a hard time figuring out how to use it. They finally figured it out and he bought another hour but when he went to his car he already had a ticket.

He bought the original ticket at 5:36 and the time on the ticket was 7:39. Parking enforcement was writing the ticket while he was waiting for the other person to finish at the pay station.
He bought the original ticket by phone where you enter your license number. It is obvious the parking enforcement person had to be waiting by Rich’s car when 7:36 rolled around to get the ticket written and on his car that fast. So for being three minutes late he gets a $35 ticket.
Needless to say Rich and his wife won’t be coming to Downtown Kirkland again any time soon to spend their money and we already mostly avoid it because of the overzealous parking enforcement. I feel for the downtown merchants who lose a lot of business because of this. Welcome to friendly Kirkland, eh?

Marv Scott