Meet Felicia the Friendly Flagger

Felicia Porter loves her job. If you've driven past the construction entrance to Kirkland Urban on Central Way, you've probably seen her waving and smiling as she directs traffic. "I have the best job," she says. "Everyone is so warm and friendly. Some people even roll down their windows so their kids can wave to me." 

Thank you Felicia for being a bright spot in our town!

LETTER | Kirkland’s top cop blows it


Are we to believe that we are safer by not checking for immigration papers at a time with ISIS waiting around the corner to kill people?  What made her make that decision?  Is it because it would add to their workload, was it because they don’t want the responsibility to help insure our safety, was it because our Council directed her response?  

In any case, I believe they are avoiding what should be their responsibility to keep us safer.


Robert L. Style

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LETTER | Embarrassed and Disappointed by Kirkland Parking Enforcement

Most of us who live and work in Kirkland know not to over extend our parking time in downtown Kirkland. And I get it, parking regulations are in place so people don’t hog the spaces. However, this goes beyond the pale.

Last night we invited some friends from Issaquah to meet us for dinner at Cactus. We were meeting at 6 pm and they texted us as we leaving our home to meet them about 5:45 that they were at the restaurant and had put their name in for a table...

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LETTER | Unhappy about Dancing Marijuana Sign Holders


I am pretty unhappy to see the advertiser for the local pot store next to Costco dancing and swinging a giant marijuana sign on the corner of 85th and 120th. I was told that this is completely legal and is considered Freedom of Speech. I wish that the City of Kirkland would have taken this into consideration when issuing business licenses. I drive by this corner several times a day with my children and am unhappy to see this sign literally waving in our faces...

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LETTER | Election Results


I am very pleased to see my fellow Kirklandites who are readers and contributors to this blog have refrained from pontificating about the election results.  Other social media is filled with posts either gloating or decrying the results depending on their political point of view.  Many of them quite nasty.  We have many spirited discussions and debates taking place on Kirkland Views and while we can still dis-agree on the current issues at least we all can accept the results of the national, state and regional election results and figure out how to move forward from here.

Kudos to us all.

Marv Scott

LETTER | Undecided on your vote? Support Valderrama

Dear Editor-

As a tax PAYER, I’m voting for Ramiro Valderrama for State Representative.

When I opened my mail the other day, I found this huge campaign mailer featuring five local politicians urging me to again re-elect two other politicians – Larry Springer and Roger Goodman.  Politicians supporting politicians, not a big surprise...

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LETTER | Why I'm voting for Valderrama

With the Presidential election taking center stage, local elections have fallen by the wayside. This is frightening, as who we vote into Office in our Washington is every bit as important as who we vote into Office in that other Washington. I feel compelled to write in and recommend Ramiro Valderrama for State Representative, 45th District. As a registered Democrat,  I have always blindly voted for the Democratic nominee, but this time around I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Valderrama is the best hope we have for controlled, responsible growth and fiscal responsibility...

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Defeat ST3 and the Politicians Selling This Snake Oil

Proposition 1 to fund Sound Transit 3 needs to be defeated. It is taxation in perpetuity and it will not do the one thing everyone in the Puget Sound wants: traffic congestion relief. 

ST3 was rushed from the beginning, lacked proper community involvement, was poorly vetted and then it grew into the largest project of its kind ever -- a classic governmental boondoggle. Coincidentally, those cities with mayors on the Sound Transit Board also get the greatest spoils of the $54 billion tax.

Do we need congestion relief? YES

Is ST3 the answer to congestion relief? NO.

Sound Transit is counting on voters who just want to do something. So the ST3 Board went for broke and are hoping voters will not look at the details.

ST3 is not a good use of transportation money. We can and we should do better.

Save future generations from paying for our mistakes. ST3 is not the answer to our transportation problems.

Let's support transportation solutions that make better sense than ST3. 

Vote No on Proposition 1. Defeat ST3. 

LETTER | Advocates for mental health - please vote for McBride, Kuderer, Valderrama, and Bryant.


A few of you may know, I'm advocating for the mentally ill. It's generational in my family. 


Last Thursday, I went to the NAMI Eastside Mental Health Legislative Candidate Forum(Roger Goodman didn't show).  Candidate Ramiro Valderrama was upset that 1 in 5 Americans (20%) have a mental condition, yet the State spends only 3% of their budget on mental health. In addition, Washington State ranks 48th in access to community hospital psychiatric beds. Mr. Valderrama called for systemic change. Please vote for Ramiro!...

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Vandalism Against "Vote No on ST3" Signs Inspires Politcal Donation

Dear Sign Vandal in Norkirk,

I give up. You win. You have taught me my lesson.

Now that you have clipped the stakes off of my "Vote No on ST3" sign that was in my yard, it can no longer be used. The three times prior when you merely knocked the sign over, I was sure to put it back up quickly. This time however, the sign cannot be used because of your handiwork. Smart thinking!

Obviously, your right to express your political views trumps mine.

I hereby dedicate my $500 donation to the No on ST3 campaign in your honor.

You're welcome.


LETTER | Vote for Valderrama


Our family backs Ramiro Valderrama 100% for State Representative and we urge all voters in Redmond, Sammamish, Kirkland, Woodinville, and Duvall to bring a positive change to our community by giving him your vote.  Mr. Valderrama is the best choice whether you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He was given the rare, highest rating of “Outstanding” by the Municipal League, which is a non-partisan organization that seeks to replace corrupt, graft-ridden city governments with honest and capable administrations...

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Municipal League Foundation Recommendation: Vote “Yes” on Proposition 1 – Sound Transit 3

The Transportation and Ballot Issues committees of the Municipal League met on September 22, 2016 to hear presentations by opponents and supporters of the proposed expansion of Sound Transit services that would be made possible by approval of Proposition 1. At the conclusion of the meeting, and following discussion of the arguments advanced in the presentations and other materials, the members of the committees voted unanimously to recommend that voters approve Proposition 1 to fund expansion of Sound Transit services. The Municipal League Foundation recommends a “yes” vote on Proposition 1...

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LETTER | A Fiscal Farce Facing Us


If Kirkland citizens think voicing their budget concerns will make a difference, you would be wrong unless you’re receiving subsidies.  Council will usually find ways to pay for their special interest regardless of what you say.  Council’s request for citizen input on the budget is a farce.


At the end of the year Council adopts what they call a balanced budget telling tax payers an amount they say is enough and allows them to run the city.  It doesn’t stay balanced for long, sometimes a month and probably for many months more.


When comparing their adopted budget with one that contains “adjustments”, it reveals the true cost above and beyond what it cost to run the city.  This year it amounts to a surplus of $15 million they will spend above what they've adopted.


They are spending our tax dollars that to not directly benefit Kirkland.  A million dollars goes for flood control that benefits the County and Kent of which we only get back 10 percent for surface water management.  On regional transit, we were scammed into believing our financial contribution was to go for mass transit.  Instead it was diverted to Seattle’s U-District leaving us with busses and traffic jams.  On social programs, Kirkland and other jurisdictions have become deep pockets, a source of money, for regional interest.  Instead we are bearing the cost for our parks, not the others that use them.


Robert L. Style