Hague joins Denny Creek Neighborhood Association to plant trees in Juanita Woodlands


Effort will plant 1,100 trees to unique urban forest

Metropolitan King County Councilmember Jane Hague joined nearly 50 volunteers from the Denny Creek Neighborhood Association December 5 to plant trees in the Juanita Woodlands.

“It was great to see so many committed neighbors come out in cold weather to help restore this urban forest,” said Jane Hague.  “The Juanita Woodlands is a unique area and I hope the efforts undertaken will serve as a national model for similar forests.”

In recent years, it was discovered that many of the trees in the Woodlands had diseases that are common to certain species in the Northwest.  Many of the diseased trees had fallen to the ground causing a danger to both the forest and the visitors.

The King County Parks Division hired renowned tree experts Olaf Ribeiro and Paul Hans Thompson to help with the project.  They have identified the diseased trees and have developed a comprehensive plan for improving the long-term health of this forest.

This month, approximately 1,100 trees will be planted in the Woodlands, including Oregon Ash, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, and Big Leaf Maple trees.

In 2004, through an unprecedented community partnership, the Woodlands were saved from development.  The Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance worked with King County and contributed an incredible $500,000 to save the Woodlands.  DCNA also obtained an additional grant of $270,000 from the state of Washington for the Woodlands.  The King County Council provided the remaining funds to restore the Woodlands.

For more information please visit the DCNA Web site at www.dennycreek.org