Views of Kirkland

People explore the ice on Lake Washington at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland on Dec. 11, 2009. (Thom Weinstein, The folks over at took this amazing photo of people walking on the ice at sunset (please do not attempt to walk on it as it is very dangerous).

Juanita Beach Park Kirkland - 11

Juanita Beach Park Kirkland - 09

The extreme cold we have been experiencing has Juanita Beach Park into an ice rink for the birds.

Marina Park Sign Kirkland - 1

A sign at Marina Park reminding visitors not to feed the ducks and geese.

Kirkland's Old Timers at George's - 2

Sana Claus paid a visit to the Old Timers meeting at George's this week. The jokes were as corny as ever and  enjoyed by all.

Christmas Ships at Hoghton Beach Kirkland - 20

Neighbors gather around a blazing bonfire on the beach to watch the Christmas Ships and hear the music they play - a Kirkland tradition

Christmas Ships at Hoghton Beach Kirkland - 25

The Argosy Christmas Ships are sailing nightly - check their website for details.

Christmas Ships at Hoghton Beach Kirkland - 16

This couple came to Houghton Beach prepared.

Downtown Kirkland Recycle Bins - 4

Recycling is made easy downtown with the new recycling bins compliments of Coke.