Die Hard "Plungers" Ring in the New Year at Kirkland's unofficial Polar Bear Plunge

By Jeff Heinz

The City of Kirkland may have canceled the New Years Day Polar Plunge at Marina Park, but that did not stop some from taking the dip. This was the first of these that I have witnessed and I gotta say it looked like lots of fun. I am officially committing to a “maybe” for next year! I have never heard of a, “Fourth of July Plunge”, but it sounds like a wonderfully warm way to start the second half of 2010. Great job to all that took the plunge! E-mail me at PhotoGuyJeff@yahoo.com for free digital copies of photos. Enjoy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Thank you, Jeff for sharing your great photos! I have included a couple of photos I took with my trembling hands too. - Rob

These photos below can be viewed at www.flickr.com/photos/kirklandviews/sets/72157623117320512/







2010 Polar Plunge-18

2010 Polar Plunge-13

2010 Polar Plunge-9

2010 Polar Plunge-4

2010 Polar Plunge-7

2010 Polar Plunge-6

2010 Polar Plunge-12

2010 Polar Plunge-14

2010 Polar Plunge-5

2010 Polar Plunge-10

2010 Polar Plunge-11

2010 Polar Plunge-16

2010 Polar Plunge-17

2010 Polar Plunge-8

2010 Polar Plunge-1

2010 Polar Plunge-15

2010 Polar Plunge-3

2010 Polar Plunge-2