Kirkland, Redmond and Bellevue Fire Departments respond to fire alarms at Merrill Gardens


Kirkland Avenue closed to traffic, Bank of America closes as firemen arrive


At about 11:15 AM our alarm system detected a small fire that was contained within the commercial laundry room.   Our fire safety systems and a rapid staff response helped to put the fire out quickly, but we evacuated the residents as a precaution.  Nobody was injured, and there was no damage to resident apartments or common areas.  All residents are currently back in their homes and going about their business.  I am proud of the way our staff and residents responded to the situation.  All of our safety systems and procedures worked they way they were designed to, and the response from the Kirkland and other Eastside fire departments was phenomenal.   We are truly grateful for their professionalism and service.

Stuart Ostfeld - General Manager, Merrill Gardens

Kirkland Avenue was closed to traffic for part of this morning as a dozen fire engines, Medic One and support vehicles from Kirkland, Redmond and Bellevue converged on Merrill Gardens, responding to fire alarms which could be heard for blocks. At this time, information is scant as to the cause of the fire. Firemen rushed in with large fans to clear any smoke from the interior of the building. The Bank of America branch on the corner of Kirkland Avenue and Main Street was closed and evacuated.

A Bellevue fireman on the scene said he did not see any fire, only smoke. At this time it is believed that the smoke originated in the laundry facilities of the building.

1:15 p.m. Kirkland Avenue is once again open to traffic.

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Thank you to Nicole Parkhill for alerting us to this story and for sending in photos.