Kirkland Library garage access to be limited starting Monday

Closure of garage door and changes in pedestrian traffic patterns to be implemented on Monday, April 19, 2010.

Sound Transit and our contractor, Bayley Construction, are working to improve pedestrian safety on 3rd Street. Many people are crossing mid-block on 3rd Street, going to and from the parking garage under the library.  Much of 3rd Street is a construction area, and a lane of general traffic is permitted to move northbound through the construction site. It is dangerous for pedestrians to be crossing this street in the middle of the block.

Beginning next Monday, April 19, the contractor will install temporary construction fencing along the sidewalk on the east side of 3rd Street next to the library. Pedestrians will be able to cross 3rd Street only at the intersection at Kirkland Avenue.

Access to the parking garage from 3rd Street will also be restricted. The roll-up doors to the lower level of the parking garage will also be closed. Access to both levels of the garage will still be available on the south side of the library from Kirkland Avenue.

Signage will be posted for both motorists and pedestrians to alert them to the changes. Pedestrians and motorists are urged to exercise caution and to obey the signs and the flagger.

For more information about the project visit their website or contact Roger Pence with Sound Transit at 206-398-5465 or via e-mail. Or contact Kari Page with the City of Kirkland at 425-587-3011 or