Schierman pleads for his life before the jury "I'm asking for your mercy" (Video)

Convicted quadruple murderer, Conner Schierman speaks to his jury and pleads for his life, "I'm asking for your mercy... if not for me, for those who love me." The Seattle Times is covering the story.

Convicted killer Conner Schierman took the witness stand Monday morning to plead for leniency from the King County jury that will decide whether he will be condemned to death row or sent to prison for life.

"I may not have the right to ask anything of you, but I'm asking for mercy," Schierman said. "If not for me, but for my family."

Schierman cried and wiped his eyes in court as he read from a written statement for 25 minutes.

Schierman told jurors that jail staff and other inmates often tell him that he's going to hell. He said that he's already there.

The Seattle Times

Photo used with permission of The Seattle Times.