Federal Civil Rights Violated? Details emerge of publisher's accusations against three City of Kirkland employees

In a letter to City Attorney, Robin Jenkinson, dated April 29, 2010, John Gilday, publisher of the Eastside Sun, expounded on his accusations of wrongdoing by City of Kirkland employees against himself and his publication. Mr. Gilday's letter was in response to an April 21 request for proof from Ms. Jenkinson (see City of Kirkland asks Gilday for proof regarding alleged wrongdoing by City employees). In it he states, "We are declining to expose our witnesses’ identities due to the retribution that they will surely receive from The City if their identities are made known without the protection of a subpoena. They have been promised anonymity and will receive it.  Should you figure out the identities of some of our witnesses before trial, I urge you to NOT make those identities public. These witnesses – and their employment - are protected by state and federal statutes."

In the letter, Gilday then chronicles incidents in which he claims three City of Kirkland employees, under the color of authority, acted in violation of his civil rights. Gilday's previous correspondence with the city has stated his intent to file a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit as well as a civil lawsuit asking for $4,000,000.00 in damages.

Gilday further claims, "At least three members of the Kirkland City Council have first-hand knowledge of the actions of the three city employees listed below. Other City of Kirkland employees have had accusations made against them, but those employees / accusations are not addressed in this document."

Read John Gilday's letter dated April 29, 2010.

The letter closes with a repeated request for witness anonymity: "We have witnesses to whom we have promised anonymity. We have promised that they would only be forced to testify under subpoena – after all, they know how these people operate and do not wish to lose their positions, businesses or homes. With a subpoena, they have the protection of the federal court. Some have gone public but most prefer to remain anonymous until court. It is impossible to know everyone these city employees in question have talked to / threatened. Nor is it possible to determine who believed their statements."

Kirkland Views has redacted the names of City employees in this document.

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