Mayor McBride Opens the Kirkland Wednesday Farmers Market (video)

"We are going to build community just the way this wonderful market has for nine years."

Mayor Joan McBride

CONGRATULATIONS to Kirkland Wednesday Market Manager, Stefeny Anderson, for a super opening day to the 2010 season! Despite some challenging weather at the start, the opening day at the market was filled with food, song, and dignitaries.

Strong support was shown by the KDA/Chamber directors,  Interim City Manager Marilynne Beard, and the City Council. Mayor Joan McBride briefly opened the ceremony, following  a few songs sung by the kids at the Bright Horizons Day Care. Also in attendance were Deputy Mayor Penny Sweet, and Council Members Bob Sternoff and Amy Walen.

The market officially opened with a traditional ribbon cutting. This year, the honor was given to the three daughters of Jodi Bardinelli, long-time Kirkland resident and former market manger. Jodi was instrumental in shaping many aspects of the market today including starting the Harvest Supper and accomplishing the mighty feat of moving the market to its current location at Marina Park.

The many vendors and volunteers behind the scenes have once again done a spectacular job to bring Kirklanders a great place to mingle and shop for farm-fresh local fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, meats and fish. Their hard work is greatly appreciated.

It looks like the market is off to a banner year.

After the ceremony was over, and the dignitaries dispersed, things settled down and returned to a familiar, relaxed pace. Neighbors and vendors mingled, dogs and children at their side, together enjoying a day at the market. Before long, the sun had dried up the morning rain and opening day at the market was in full swing.

"This is where we come to have great food and great company," observed Mayor McBride.

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