Pedestrian killed in Totem Lake hit-and-run on I-405


A man died early Sunday morning as he tried crossing the I-405 north of NE 124th Street just after 2 a.m. He was hit in the southbound lanes by a car which left the scene. According to reports, the Washington State Patrol is searching for a red 2009 Kia Spectra that struck and killed a pedestrian on  Interstate 405 in Kirkland on Sunday morning. Anyone with information about this incident, please call State Patrol at 425-401-7788.

“The pedestrian was running across the freeway, and there’s no way the driver could have seen him. The car started speeding away, so I sped up and followed it. I got the plate number, got home and called the police.”

“It happened so quick,” she said. “He [the pedestrian] got all the way across the lanes. I thought he was maybe drunk and doing some kind of dance, but what he was doing was bracing himself because the car was going to hit him. He was coming from the right and made it all the way to the left. I thought he made it.”

“He wasn’t running. He was just kind of trotting across. There’s no reason for him [the driver] to run. There’s no way he could have stopped in time.”

The incident closed four of the five interstate lanes, and the scene was not clear until around 4:00 a.m.

A witness to the incident followed the suspect vehicle until she could get a clear view of the license plate.  One she got that, she went back to the scene, called for help and stayed with the man until troopers arrived.  He died on the roadway. She told troopers that the car was missing a right ride mirror and has damage to the right side and the front of the car. Licence plate of the suspect vehicle is 959-YWX.  Anyone who has seen the car, a 2009 red Kia Spectra, is asked to call police.

The driver of a red Kia Spectra fled the scene without stopping, but a witness followed the driver until she obtained license plate information.

The vehicle has damage on the right front and side, and is missing the right side mirror.

The Seattle Times