Kirkland Half Marathon 2010 (photos)

No Excuses!

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“A runner's mind trapped in a photographers body”, is now,  how I see myself. I really have no good excuse for not participating in this year’s Kirkland Half Marathon that was held this last Sunday. I have many really poor excuses such as…

“ I have been working too hard and have not had time to train.”

“ I have bad knees”

“ If I run, then I can’t photograph.”

“ Where would I even park when I got down there?”

“ I can’t find my running shoes.”

“ I can’t find my running socks.”

“ I can’t find my running shorts.”

“ I can’t find my running shirt.”

“ What if the line at the bathrooms is too long?”

“ I can’t run and mow the grass in the same weekend!”

Well, you get the idea. I really didn’t have to use any of those excuses this year because my plan was to be at the event and take some photos, and that is exactly what I did. I then went home and mowed the grass!

This fella really made me re-think my use of excuse….. I really had No Excuse.

To the people that did not use any of those excuses and did participate….. You were AWESOME! Lots of people smiling, laughing, and breathing hard, all at the same time! I hope you enjoy the photos posted here…

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