The cyclone fences of Juanita Beach

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Ah, there are few things in life as beautiful as a cyclone fence. Except, of course, layer upon layer of cyclone fence blocking a view of Lake Washington. That is the situation we have at Juanita Beach Park and it is likely to remain so until the current phase of park renovation is completed at the end of this year or early next year. Several readers have written letters to Kirkland Views inquiring about the unsightly fences they have to drive past each day. The fencing, of course, is to protect trees and the public from construction machinery. That, however, is little consolation for those accustomed to the vista of Lake Washington as they drive to work.

Some have suggested a "cyclone fence beautification" project. Others have asked for some sort of screening to be applied. Others still, say leave the fences as they are. Of course, the City likely has little money to put toward any such projects. Below are a few examples of the ideas floating about.

The first Row contains two examples of cuprocking, the practice of placing plastic cups into the holes of a cyclone fence to create a dot matrix design best viewed from a distance. more examples of cuprocking can be found here.

The second row has an example found at Outdoor Knit. This unique project is called "Hearts on Vivian," and it draws the eye away from the blight of a vacant lot. Next to that is a photo of the screening used at the tennis court at Peter Kirk Park.

The last row shows an example of a fence basket which could be used for planting flowers, followed by an example of student artwork as seen at Shoreline Community College.