Special Event: Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) at Kirkland’s Juanita Beach Park on May 29

Limited parking due to park enhancement construction

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) returns to Juanita Beach Park for a free outdoor screening of “The Triplets of Belleville,” beginning at dusk on May 29. Due to construction on the south end of Juanita Beach Park, the main lot is closed. Limited parking is available in the gravel lot on the north side of Juanita Drive. Movie-goers should plan to walk, carpool and/or park on nearby streets. The Seattle International Film Festival outdoor screening draws over 500 guests.  For SIFF event information, go to www.siff.net.

In early May, construction began to make environmental, parking, landscaping enhancements at the Park as identified in the Juanita Beach Park Master Plan.  To view the plan, go to www.ci.kirkland.wa.us (Search: Juanita Beach Park Master Plan).

From SIFF.net:

Les Triplettes de Belleville

  • Country:France
  • Year: 2003
  • Running time: 78 Minutes
  • Genres:Animation, Music
  • Program:Outdoor Screening
  • Language: French
  • Sub-Titles:English Sub-Titles

When The Triplets of Belleville first swept onto the public stage in 2003, it was a quirky, critically acclaimed upstart. Seven years later this animated gem, nominated for two Academy Awards® in 2004, has become an indelible classic in the hearts and minds of music lovers, bicycle enthusiasts, and film buffs alike. Set to a splendidly retro soundtrack inspired by French jazz of the ‘30s and ‘40s, this gloriously eccentric feature proves that music truly does transcend the language barrier. The bizarre story focuses on a young man named Champion, his grandmother, Madame Souza, his endearingly pathetic dog, Bruno, and his aspiration to win the Tour de France. When two mysterious men in black kidnap Champion, his grandmother’s desperate quest to rescue him leads her to the metropolis of Belleville. It is here that Madame Souza meets and enlists the aid of the triplets of the title, a renowned trio of aging female vaudeville singers whose curious and hilarious approach to life is exactly what Champion’s rescue operation calls for. Beautifully animated backdrops contrast with grotesquely drawn characters to create an endlessly entertaining visual adventure. Following in the grand tradition of Jacques Tati, the film relies heavily on sight gags and uses very little dialogue to tell the story. Rather, the Academy Award®-nominated soundtrack speaks loquaciously throughout the story, adding the sparkling top note to this delightfully peculiar experience.