Help Celebrate Kirkland by taking the 4th of July Quiz

Liberty Mutual is hosting a contest, Bring Back the 4th, allowing towns across America to compete for $10,000 grants to help pay for Fourth of July events. Kirkland could certainly use your help, so take the eight question quiz and do your part. Note: some of the questions may be tough, so have Google handy.  ;-)

To take the quiz, please visit:


Nothing says Fourth of July like a neighborhood fireworks show or parade.  But in recent years, many U.S. towns were forced cancel their official Independence Day events, when funding ran short.  We'd like to help.

From now until June 14th, Liberty Mutual is hosting a contest allowing towns across America to compete for $10,000 Bring Back the 4th grants.  We are offering 10 grants total, divided between small, medium and large towns.

How can you earn a grant for your town? Click the above link to take a brief quiz on "Responsible Moments in U.S. History," focusing on people and events that helped shape our nation and inspire others. Each completed quiz counts as one credit towards a visitor's town, and credits are earned by quiz completion alone, not by quiz score.

The 10 U.S. towns that successfully encourage the highest quiz participation among their residents will be eligible to win $10,000 grants! Winners will be notified and announced during the week of June 14th.

Rules and Information

  • One quiz may be taken per person
  • Grants may only be used for Fourth of July events
  • Last day to take quiz: June 14
  • For questions, contact:
  • Funding must go to a city or a town administrator for the purpose of using Bring Back the 4th grants for Fourth of July events organized by your city or town. If you represent an independent organization that supports your city or town's Fourth of July celebration, please contact your local municipal administrator to coordinate your effort.
  • Thank you to Terri Fletcher for sending this to us.