Help Save Kirkland's 4th of July Celebration

Open Letter From the Celebrate Kirkland Executive Committee:

Dear Kirkland and Eastside Residents,

For 11 years Celebrate Kirkland has produced Kirkland’s 4th of July celebration. We have hosted 2 parades, picnicking and events throughout the day and evening and produced a spectacular fireworks finale from our waterfront parks. We started small and have grown to be the largest community event in Kirkland. It truly is OUR celebration.

For 10 years we received financial support from the City of Kirkland grant process. This year we have $0.00, zero, nada, zip. Last year, with the support of businesses like Overlake Oil, Parkplace, The Heathman, Evergreen Hospital, Waste Management, Comcast, Ford of Kirkland and the Wilde Rover plus personal donations by hundreds of our citizens we were able to earn the $40K necessary to add to the city’s $20K in grants.

This year we must find the full $60K necessary to make our annual event a reality. We need your help! In just 3 days the city of Seattle was able to earn the $500K they needed for their celebration. We have two months to find the support for ours.

Please help carry on this tradition so loved by our community.

Please donate $100 or any amount right now ...if you are able to contribute, please click on the Donate button below

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