Kamiakin students honored in Math, Spanish and French

Kamiakin Students Receive Honors in Spanish & French Exams

In February and March, a number of students from Kamiakin Junior High participated in the National Spanish Exam and the French National Contest. Both are highly competitive exams in which over 100,000 students participated from around the country. The Spanish and French teacher at Kamiakin is Rona Chumbook.

Fifty Spanish students from Kamiakin Junior High participated in the National Spanish Exam. Level One students competed against 29,169 in their division. Level Two students competed against 28,058 in their division. Thirteen Kamiakin students came away from the exam earning national honors.

Here are the results:

Level 1:

  • Oro (gold) – 95 percentile and above: Elena Plenefisch, eighth grade
  • Plata (silver) – 85-94 percentile: Gabrielle Hsu, eighth grade
  • Bronce (bronze) – 75-84 percentile: Daniel Stone, ninth grade and Li Wang,
  • Premio (medal of excellence) – 50 -75 percentile: Oliver Hu, eighth grade; Lana Redlich, eighth grade; Suelena Lee, ninth grade; Colin Pate, ninth grade; and Vincent Ly, ninth grade.

Level 2:

  • Premio (medal of excellence) – Devon Jones, ninth grade; Jennifer Nguyen, ninth grade; Emma Frostad, ninth grade; andAlyanna Thongoulay, ninth grade.

Level One French students competed against 7,455 in their division. The following ten Kamiakin students earned chapter honors:

1.     Maia Carlisle, eighth grade - 85th percentile nationally

2.     Tess Farley, ninth grade - 85th percentile nationally

3.     Tie: Nicolas Jensen and Katy Sjolund, ninth grade - 80th percentile nationally

5.     Stephanie Langford, ninth grade - 75th percentile nationally

6.     Tie: Steffen Felt and Ajay Joshi, eighth grade - 70th percentile nationally

8.      Logan Heine, eighth grade - 60th percentile nationally

9.     Annie Kulshreshtha, eighth grade - 50th percentile nationally

10.  Cathy Matey, eighth grade - 45th percentile nationally

All national and chapter winners will receive certificates and prizes for their accomplishments provided by the sponsoring organizations, American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, and the American Association of Teachers of French.

Kamiakin Wins Gold in District Math Olympiad

Lead by math teacher, Robert MyerKamiakin Junior High’s (KaJH) Maroon and Gold teams showed their math prowess at the District’s Junior High Math Olympiad held at Juanita High School on April 25.  Kamiakin placed first in the competition where seventh through ninth grade mathletes compete in a variety of math competencies. Students compete combining their individual tests on Arithmetic Skills, Arithmetic Concepts, and Calculator and as a team working together in Algebra, Geometry and Problem Solving. All students contribute throughout the evening on timed tests. The following students from KaJH participated:

Ninth graders: Vincent Ly, Donny Mullen, Bill Narita, Colin PateTim Roetcisoender and Li Wang

Eighth graders: Tanvi Dighde, Steffen Felt, Nathan GriffithLogan Heine, Oliver Hu, Stella PerlicElena Plenefisch, Lana Redlich,Jacob Reyes, Matt Saathoff and Melvin Soetrisno,

Seventh graders: Aaron Glickman, Tess Pate, Marcus Riley, Jeff Roetcisoender, Nick Teoh and Gautham Velchuru.