Save the 4th of July - businesses and residents asked to help out

Downtown businesses take part in grassroots effort to help save Kirkland's annual 4th of July parade and fireworks

One letdown after another have led many to wonder if the 4th of July celebration, for which Kirkland is so well known, will even happen this year! Zero dollars from The City, scaled back contributions from corporations and a general economic malise have all contributed to the problem.

But now a few people discussing the problem over greek salads at George's Place think they may have come up with the solution.

Instead of one big check from a corporate donor, how about 600 small checks from the citizenry?

There are now (as of noon Thursday) six posters in the six windows at George's Place Restaurant on Kirkland Avenue. Each poster has room for 100 signatures from people promising to drop off a $100 check at George's PlaceBanner Bank or The Grape Choice.

Grassroots activism at its finest.

Credit card donations can be made to Celebrate Kirkland at