City of Kirkland plans new Public Safety Building in Totem Lake

The Kirkland City Council has approved a staff recommendation that the City proceed with plans to purchase real estate in Totem Lake for a public safety building to house the Kirkland Police Department, expanded jail and municipal court. The selected property is currently occupied by My Home Wholesale (the former location of Costco Home) and is located behind the Totem Lake Fred Meyer.

Currently, the Kirkland Police Department and a 12 bed jail occupies a portion of the lower level of City Hall and the municipal courts are in another location.  The decision to build a separate public safety building will reduce the expansion needs of City Hall and bring the courts under the same roof. Another option which the council rejected was to expand City Hall to accommodate both the city staff and the police department needs. Expansion of facilities is needed to accommodate the additional city employees to serve the population of annexation area. Annexation commences June 1, 2011.

Included in the plans for the new public safety building is space for an expanded jail with capacity for 50 inmates.
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The City produced the following annexation update:

At its June 1 meeting, the Kirkland City Council received information and took action on two annexation-related issues:

City Hall and Facilities Planning for Annexation: Following a presentation on the facility needs of City Hall, a public safety building and the current Public Work Maintenance Center in anticipation of the annexation, the City Council authorized the City Manager to enter into a purchase and sale agreement for the purchase of property for a public safety building. The existing building is situated on property in the Totem Lake area and would allow the Police and Municipal Court functions to be incorporated into one centrally-located facility. The purchase of this building reduces the need and costs to upgrade City Hall as previously anticipated.

Interim Ordinance to Allow for School Reconstruction: The Council approved the drafting of an interim ordinance that would allow the reconstruction of two new elementary schools in the annexation area to be processed through the City, rather than through King County. The interim ordinance will be presented to the Council in July.

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