McMenamins to open Hotel in Bothell; Renovate Northshore Pool

McMenamins to open in Bothell, Washington Historic Anderson site is one of the best in the Northwest

McMenamins, which operates brewpubs and hotels throughout Washington and Oregon, has submitted an agreement to purchase 5.41 acres from the City of Bothell. The agreement will go to the Bothell City Council on June 15 for their review and approval for McMenamins to open a 70-room hotel including a restaurant, pub, movie theater, live music entertainment, spa, community garden, community pool and community meeting space. The sale requires McMenamins to be open for business on the site by June 2013.

McMenamins has agreed to pay $7 million to the City of Bothell through a combination of cash and community benefit. Community benefits include free access for Bothell residents to the Northshore pool for 15 years, in addition to free access to community meeting space and a community garden for the same 15 year period. This agreement will reopen the Northshore pool, which has been closed for over a year.

McMenamins will reuse four existing buildings on the site. Reuse of the 1931 art deco building was an important feature of the agreement for the City of Bothell, as both a means of preservation and reuse as a sustainable, green practice.

“The Anderson School Building is a premier historic site located within a quickly growing and vibrant city. McMenamins is excited to open a new property which includes a historic hotel, restaurant and pub, small bars, movie theater and more, and to be a part of Bothell’s revitalization as a historic riverside community,” said McMenamins spokesperson Renee Rank.

When doors open in 2013, McMenamins will be connected to the rest of Bothell's growing downtown, which is undergoing major revitalization. It is part of a multi-year planning effort to redevelop the downtown, which will include residential (townhomes, midrise apartments and condominiums), retail, office and residential mixed use development, along with a new City Hall campus and expanded park system.

“The downtown revitalization plan was founded on strong economic principals and new urbanism. I am thrilled to see that the vision is taking shape so quickly and that a successful business such as McMenamins can see and share in the vision,” said Mayor Mark Lamb. “It is the type of partnership that we had hoped to see and now look forward to celebrating.”

The City of Bothell purchased 18 acres of land from the Northshore School District in 2009 as part of the downtown revitalization efforts and took intentional steps to attract businesses that would reflect the City’s vision. The McMenamins purchase represents the first private investment as part of this vision. The City’s purchase and sale agreement with the North Shore School District established a purchase price of $20,670,000 for 18 acres downtown, or the equivalent of $26.36 per square foot. The price established in the purchase and sale agreement with McMenamins for 5.41 acres is $29.68 per square foot.

Currently, two properties adjacent to the McMennamins site are for sale. Qualification statements are due June 30, 2010. The two land parcels (Blocks K and L) are adjacent to the McMenamins development and SR 527, to date the City has over 18 inquiries. The McMenamins announcement will likely make the two parcels even more appealing. Block K is the old Ricketts School site and is approximately 1.8 acres. Block L is part of the South of Anderson School site and is approximately 1.65 acres.

“McMenamins reflects the City’s goals in preserving historic buildings, creating a catalyzing effect on downtown revitalization, providing public access to the campus and pool, and promoting job creation,” said City Manager Bob Stowe. “None of this would have been possible without the vision, commitment and passion of the council, staff, and the community.”