Free Recycling Event July 10 - electronics, appliances and more

Free Recycling Event will Accept Electronics, Appliances, and More

1 Green Planet ( a local non-profit recycling organization, will be recycling computers, electronics, appliances, scrap metal, and a long list of other items for free on Saturday, July 10th from 9 am to 3 pm at Kirkland Congregational Church, 106 Fifth Ave.

1 Green Planet uses the proceeds from the recycled goods to help support education and training programs, local food banks, homeless shelters, hospitals, and other causes. Tax-deductible donations to thank the church for hosting this event will be gratefully accepted.

You can recycle: Computers & parts Printers Fax Machines Phones Record Players Speakers Radios Game Systems TV’s all sizes VCRs Christmas Tree Lights Anything with a plug! Appliances, any size, no limit Car Batteries Computer Batteries Medical Equipment Ink toner & cartridges

Scrap Metals including: Bicycles Tools Furniture Exercise equipment BBQs Lawn mowers (please empty gas & oil)

---------- If you have any questions about what items can be recycled please contact: or call 253-638-1536 or 206-406-6319

Thank you to Karen Story for sending this to us.