Kiwanis Club's Everyday Hero Award goes to KPD Detective Brad Porter

Once each quarter the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland honors a local citizen for the Everyday Hero Award. As is customary, an unsung hero in our community is chosen to receive the award. This year, Detective Brad Porter of the Kirkland Police Department was honored at the Kiwanis Club's June 23rd meeting. The following paragraphs excerpted from an email from Kirkland Police Chief Eric Olsen help explain exactly why Detective Porter was chosen as the recipient of this year's Everyday Hero Award:

“On 07/17/2006 Kirkland Fire Department responded to a fully involved structure fire in the 9500 BLK of Slater Avenue NE. Detective Corporal Porter who is a member of the Kirkland Police Investigations Division and Fire Investigation Team also responded. The fire in the residence was eventually extinguished. During this process the bodies of two adult females and two young children were found inside the residence. Care was taken to preserve any evidence in the house. The victims were eventually removed by the King County Medical Examiner‟s office who, post autopsy advised that the four victims had died from homicidal violence. It was determined that the victims were a mother, her two young children and her sister.

From the onset of this event Detective Brad Porter was assigned as the lead investigator on the case. He is a hard worker who is dedicated to the department. He has done an admirable job along with other past and present members of the Investigations Division, Fire Department, ATF, King County Medical Examiner‟s Office, WSP Crime Lab and the King County Prosecutor‟s Office in the investigation of this case. Through the hard work of all involved the adult suspect responsible in this horrific crime was soon identified as a neighbor who lived across the street from the victim‟s home. He was arrested and booked for Murder on 07/19/2006. The evidence indicated he had killed the four victims using a sharp instrument and had returned to their home with a fuel product which he poured throughout the home and ignited in an attempt to cover up the murders. Over the past four years Detective Corporal Porter has spent a major portion of his time assisting Lead Prosecutor Scott O‟Toole in the follow-up and preparation of the case for trial. He has overseen the departments‟ follow-up and maintenance of the case, the documentation and transfer of evidence, the interviews of countless witnesses and involved parties and attended the majority of the court hearings. He carried out the continuing follow-up requests from the prosecutor‟s office. He has been a liaison with the family of the victims, answering their questions, keeping them informed and offering them support during the numerous postponements of the trial date and throughout the trial process. The actual trial on this case started in October 2009 with pre trial hearings and ultimately, jury selection. During the trial Detective Corporal Porter was an invaluableasset sitting as 2nd chair, assisting Prosecutor Scott O‟Toole in the prosecution of this case. During the four years it took to bring this case to trial Detective Corporal Porter put in, many, many long days and made personal sacrifices to make sure the needed tasks were completed to see this case through to a successful conclusion. The case was concluded recently with the jury finding the defendant guilty of four counts of 1st Degree Aggravated Murder and Arson.

Detective Corporal Porter is a tenacious investigator who along with many others saw this case through to the end to bring justice to the family of the victims. He is an asset to the Kirkland Police Department and the community he serves.”

Kirkland Police Chief Eric Olsen

Congratulations to Detective Brad Porter. You are indeed, an asset to our community.