Goodbye Verizon FiOS, Hello Frontier Communications

For those of us in Kirkland who switched from Comcast (now Xfinity) to Verizon FiOS, with the hope of faster internet service, Thursday was the day that Frontier Communications re-branded the signal sent to your TV. In place of the familiar Verizon logo, you will find a Frontier Communications logo. So far little else has changed... yet.

Frontier will make alterations to the service over time, including changes to email addresses you may currently have with Verizon. According to Frontier, email changes are coming, but not today:

There is no change to your email today!

We look forward to introducing you to Frontier Mail over the coming weeks when your email account – including all of your saved messages, folders and contacts – will be moved from Verizon to Frontier.  Frontier will reach out to you well in advance of the transfer of your current email service from Verizon to Frontier.  At that time, we will try to keep as much the same as possible, using the format with your current Verizon password, and protecting your stored content.   You do not need to do anything right now.  We will reach out to you well in advance of the change.

Watch for your email from Frontier Mail during July-August-September.

Remember – there are no changes to your Verizon email right now!

More from the company's website:

OUR FIRST JOB as your new communications company:  Communicate.

We do things a little differently because we believe better service helps make better conversations possible.  We promise to be a different type of Communications Company.  It’s a difference you’ll see starting from day one.  A difference that enables better conversations simply by providing better Internet, phone and TV service.

So Welcome to the New Frontier.  We look forward to saying hello.

Over the next few months, you will see that we do things a little differently than your previous Service Provider. Because for us, serving you is more than just a day-to-day operation. Our work is all about you, our customer. We have an ongoing commitment to servicing the communities we work and live in. It is about giving back, growing with our communities and supporting your needs.

It is remembering that you are a person, not just a customer.