27th Annual National Night Out Against Crime on August 3rd

On Tuesday August 3rd, the Kirkland Police Department is asking neighborhoods, businesses, and apartment complexes to participate in the 27th Annual National Night Out Against Crime.

The Kirkland Police is asking citizens of Kirkland to turn their porch lights on and come outside to take a stand against crime with your neighbors.  This is the first step in preventing crime on your street.  Get to know your neighbors, discuss how to communicate if you see something suspicious, create a phone tree, or even develop a block watch plan.

If your block/neighborhood would like to participate, contact Officer Jon Ishmael for more information at (425)587-3451 orjishmael@ci.kirkland.wa.us.

All over the country there will be thousands of crime prevention block parties, cookouts, ice cream socials, and dessert parties. This event is fun for all ages and gives criminals a “Going Away” party. Get your neighborhood involved and possibly have a visit by a special guest. Please contact Officer Ishmael with the Kirkland Police Department to register your neighborhood party and to get additional information. Officer Ishmael can be contacted at (425)587-3451 or at jishmael@ci.kirkland.wa.us. Please provide the following information:

1. Contact person, address, email, and phone number 2. Exact location of the event 3. Start and finish time 4. Event type (pot luck dinner, ice cream social, etc)

Last year’s National Night Out campaign involved over 15,000 communities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide. In all, over 36 million people participated in National Night Out 2009.

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