Kirkland Downtown Association (KDA) Welcomes Bill Vadino as Acting Executive Director

The Kirkland Downtown Association (KDA) would like to update downtown businesses and residents on some significant developments.

We are pleased to announce that Bill Vadino has assumed the role of acting executive director of the KDA in addition to his normal duties with the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce. Please note that discussions continue on how both organizations may work together in the future. Bill will assist the KDA with the following:

4th of July: We are looking forward to a wonderful 4th of July-thanks to everyone who is making this possible. Please volunteer so we can put on another great event.

Outreach: Our communication program with businesses will be enhanced in-person, in writing and via email. Bill will be visiting downtown businesses in the next few weeks. A "block captain" program will also be implemented to foster communication. We will be having a downtown meeting very soon so you all can meet Bill and we can discuss and get feedback on upcoming endeavors.

Beautification: Efforts including downtown cleanup and power-washing will continue. An annual fundraiser for flower pots will be established in the spring.

Events: Planning, coordination and sponsorship of remaining 2010 events including the Kirkland Classic Car Show, Kirkland Wednesday Market, Harvest Supper, Tree Lighting, decorating and other holiday retail events.

Retail Promotion: Focus and expansion of frequent advertising and promotional efforts on behalf of our downtown merchants.

Next Steps: We will be formulating a comprehensive plan for 2011 events and services and will launch a sponsorship program in partnership with residents, businesses and the City called "give a little and get a lot."

We will be having a "block party" to launch these efforts. More details soon. We look forward to your feedback. Please join us in welcoming Bill to the KDA. He is available at