Bel-Kirk Homebuilder Volunteers Make Final Preparations for Compassion House Completion

Photos - Left: Joel Lorenzana of McGinnis Electric, LLC. Right: Shaun Little and Bob Little for Custom Touch Interiors, Jay Schupack of The Master Builders Association and Joel Lorenzana for McGinnis Electric LLC.

As the Master Builders Care Foundation, HomeAid project builder John Day Homes and Compassion House near completion of the Andrews Street Duplex for homeless families in transition, Kirkland-based Custom Touch Interiors crew put finishing touches on the flooring for the new Andrews Street transitional housing duplex that will provide stable housing for two homeless families, and scheduled for occupancy at the end of July.

The Custom Touch team donated time and engaged support for carpet from RWL interiors, United/Tierra Sol/EB Bradley for tile, Dani, Adrian and their crew with GMT for tile installation and McGinnis Electric for lighting.

The Andrews Street duplex will provide transitional housing for two homeless families. HomeAid Builder Captain John Day Homes, donated time, materials, and recruited and coordinated the work of many subcontractors who donated all or part of their time to the project. Compassion House volunteers will work with the two families to help them sustain themselves in the future.

The Master Builders Care Foundation and its HomeAid program create partnerships to construct or renovate facilities that provide housing and assistance for the temporarily homeless. Compassion House will be the fourth HomeAid project started in the last two years, and twelfth overall by the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties.

The homebuilding industry, through Master Builder Care Foundation programs, has contributed $8 million in-kind to communities within King and Snohomish counties.