Letter | "For Kirkland" is For Parkplace


Our group For Kirkland feels strongly about the Park Place vote and have penned a letter to the City Council we hope you will include in Kirkland Views. The letter will also be posted on our website at www.forkirkland.org.

Dear City Council Members,

Our community has heard numerous loud voices saying “No” in Kirkland; from folks in opposition to issues such as development projects downtown, annexation, and opposing working regionally on the bigger issues facing our cities.  We haven’t heard enough voices saying “Yes”!  We need to organize the people who will work broadly to find agreement and develop solutions in the best tradition of Kirkland.  Recognizing this need, people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds came together around shared, common goals, including a vibrant, sustainable city, neighborhoods, and community.   Together, we formed the group “For Kirkland” to look forward to the future and promote progress today.

In that spirit, For Kirkland urges our City Council to re-adopt the zoning changes for the Park Place redevelopment.  The development will be a centerpiece in the new Kirkland downtown, bringing new jobs, additional retail, and vibrant, walk able community space.  The development will help all of downtown, and all of Kirkland.

The project has undergone thorough review over the past two years to address concerns about how the development integrates with Peter Kirk Park, how to protect surrounding neighborhoods, and the design of buildings, gardens, and community space.  Citizens on the city’s Design Review Board and Planning Commission have held dozens of meetings to examine environmental impacts and alternatives, provide input on the design, building heights and scale, and any mitigation.  Even with the current supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, nothing indicates that we should start over in the process.

When you look at the alternatives:  taking no action with a tired, struggling retail complex; choosing an office only redevelopment already allowed under existing zoning; or hoping for additional development elsewhere in downtown, it is clear that the City Council should move forward with the Park Place proposal.


Dan Krehbiel,

President, For Kirkland