Letter - Don't Take My Word For It

A wonderful thing happened to my learning curve about the Internet. It advanced rapidly when I was trying to figure out how to use my new smart phone. While sitting on my boat with no other means of communication other than my new smart phone, I searched and found what I needed to seek the truth to the City’s staff report on buying land just north of Costco for a park for $225,000 at a time when the money could be used to reduce our debt and help develop a sustainable budget.

The truth was only a click away.

I used Google and Bing to research REET (Real Estate Excise Tax) and what it could be used for. The staff report identified the REET funds and said they were dedicated for buying parks without mentioning other capital facilities it could be used for. It was misleading. The Council has the power to dedicate REET funds for many other things besides parks.

There was no response on the smart phone when I Binged REET. When I Binged Real Estate Excise Tax, there it was: all the information I needed to verify the misrepresentation of the staff report. I became my own consultant at no cost to the city or fellow taxpayers. And, I didn’t need staff to do it. All I needed was my new smart phone.

The Internet site had a question that was the most helpful: What could the REET funds be used for? I had the answer I needed.

So, don’t believe me. Get on Internet and do it yourself. You could help find out what’s going on without having highly paid staff generate biased and misleading staff reports that don’t support sustainable budgets but adds to our debt instead of reducing it.

Bob Style