Annexation Update | Neighborhood Boundaries Taking Shape with Community Input

With the help of local residents, the City of Kirkland has completed a recent workshop and online survey to help define the annexation area neighborhood boundaries. The Kirkland Planning Commission will review results from the community workshops and the online survey at its public hearing on Thursday, October 14th. The staff memo to the Planning Commission has been posted online.

Planning Commission Hearing October 14th, 7:00 p.m. Kirkland City Council Chambers 123 5th Avenue

The public hearing will be open to testimony from residents who would like to share their opinions on options that range from retaining existing neighborhood boundaries to dividing the large annexation neighborhoods. The Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council as part of its annual Comprehensive Plan update.

Annexation Update from the City of Kirkland:

Residents Help Define Neighborhood Boundaries: Comments Received on 7 Concepts In the spring and summer, City staff worked with residents of the annexation neighborhoods to develop a series of options representing choices around whether and how to divide each neighborhood. Seven options were developed as part of this process and were then presented via an online survey and a series of community workshops. Over 140 residents attended community meetings held in the three annexation neighborhoods in September and more than 340 online surveys were received. The City would like to thank the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance, the Finn Hill Park and Recreation District, the Juanita Neighborhoods Association, and the Totem Lake Neighborhood Association for hosting these community meetings.

What We Heard: Some Consensus; More Discussion Needed To date, the process has helped to narrow the options, but on many points there is not a clear consensus. Finn Hill residents generally favored division of the neighborhood in two, but more work is needed on which boundary is best. Juanita residents were in agreement that the annexation North Juanita neighborhoods should be consolidated with Kirkland’s North Juanita (with many participants commenting that it is really just “Juanita.”) Finn Hill residents had differing opinions on whether or not to divide the neighborhood, but were in agreement on a Northwest-Southeast divide if a boundary were drawn.  More work is likely need here to resolve the key question of whether to divide.

Staff Recommendation to the Planning Commission Detailed results from the community input and staff’s recommendation to the Planning Commission can be viewed online. In summary, staff is recommending:

  • Consolidation of the Annexation Area (AA) North Juanita Neighborhood and Kirkland’s North Juanita Neighborhood, including the Wild Glen annexation parcel, into one consolidated North Juanita Neighborhood.
  • Shifting the light industrial and commercial areas at the southeast corner of the AA from the Kingsgate Neighborhood into the Totem Lake Neighborhood.
  • Shifting of the apartments south of 124th at the southeast corner of the AA from the Kingsgate Neighborhood into the North Rose Hill Neighborhood.
  • Shifting of the residential parcels northeast of Evergreen Hospital from the Totem Lake Neighborhood into the Kingsgate Neighborhood.
  • Continuing the remainder of the decisions for approximately six months to allow additional community outreach by residents of the Finn Hill and Kingsgate neighborhoods.