KDOG Supporters Back Off-Leash Dog Park in Kirkland


The Park Board unanimously decided to recommend to City Council that the proposed site be developed into a dog park. This issue is likely to be placed on the City Council agenda, possibly as soon as November or December.

On Wednesday, October 13th, the Park Board held a Public Hearing regarding a proposed Off-Leash Area (OLA) for dogs in the City of Kirkland. KDOG, Kirkland Dog Off-Leash Group, showed up with supporters of the OLA to speak to the Park Board. Supporters expressed their willingness to "volunteer at an off-leash park, and help raise funds to create and maintain the park." The next step in the process is at the City Council which awaits the Board's recommendation.


At the Board’s meeting in September a public hearing date was established in order to receive public comment on a proposal to place a designated OLA on undeveloped park property south of the Heronfield Wetlands. The public hearing was advertised in several ways, including a news release, information placed on the City’s webpage, printed flyers placed at public buildings, and email outreach to neighborhood associations. Staff and Board representatives attended meetings of the Juanita and the Totem Lake neighborhood associations to discuss the proposal and answer questions. In addition, a public notice was mailed to properties within 300 feet of the proposed site.

As part of the public hearing, staff will provide a summary of the proposal. In addition, a representative from KDOG will discuss their role in the project and their proposal for development and operation of an OLA.

Thank you to Terri Fletcher for the heads up and to Jeff Heinz for the group photo.