Bed Be Gone mattress recycling has you covered

An enterprising Kirklander has his eye on your old mattress. If you have ever had an old mattress you didn't want, Matt Althauser of Kirkland, is just the man you need to see. His business, Bed Be Gone, specializes in mattress-recycling. The cost for pick up of your mattress/box spring is $50. Alternatively, you can drop it off at their place of business in Seattle for $20 for one set, or a discount rate of $15 for more than one set. Additional pricing information is available at

Bed Be Gone is focused on reducing the amount of mattresses and box-springs that end-up in the land fill. By recycling and re-purposing the materials, we are able to provide people with an alternative disposal option.

Here is a break-down of how we recycle the bulk of materials:

Steel Springs - Metal Scrap which is processed into raw steel. Foam Padding(Polyurethane) - Sent to Pacific Urethane who cleans it and turns it into carpet padding. Wood - Recycled with green waste

Beyond that, we are experimenting with different products that can be made out of the material that can not be recycled. So far, we have been able to produce green shopping bags out of the mattress casing which is the bulk of the waste that still ends up in the land fills.

Going forward, we are looking to partner with cities and businesses to increase awareness and decrease the amount of unnecessary waste going to the dump. The costs of working with Bed Be Gone can be found here:

The company has posted a video showing what happens to your mattress once they start working on it: