Does Kirkland really need an off-leash dog park?

Is Kirkland nuts? Why would the city consider opening a dog park! They couldn’t afford to maintain the parks last summer and we can afford a DOG PARK?! The story is that volunteers would maintain it. I don’t think so. When the neighbors committed to maintain Phyllis Needy park in Houghton that lasted until the neighbors lost  interest. The city had to pick up the burden of maintaining the park.

Have you ever been to Marymoor to the dog park there? People bring their pit bulls to prey on other dogs and scare regular people. Pit bulls are bred to kill other dogs! The dog owners don’t pick up the dog crap, the dogs dig holes everywhere and it looks like crap. It is like a zoo without fences.

Dog owners would come from all over King County to use the Kirkland dog park. It would effectively become a regional dog park and would cause huge traffic jams, parking problems and otherwise ruin a good neighborhood.

Write to your city council, send them an e-mail, call them on the telephone:  NO TO THE DOG PARK!



Ralph, are you nuts?!? The city is considering opening a dog park only because PEOPLE WANT AN OFF-LEASH DOG PARK!!! Have you ever been to Heritage Park at 5:00 P.M. without running into a dozen dogs, sniffing, walking, playing, fetching….. OFF LEASH?!? Dogs need a legal place to run free and we don’t have one in Kirkland.

There is a group called KDOG which will pay for and run the off leash park so you wont have to worry about the city picking up the tab. Also, the park is going to be in Totem Lake on some city-owned land called Heron Wetlands. Have you ever been there? Its not easy to find so don’t worry about pit bull owners from all over King County invading our off-leash park. They couldn’t find it even WITH A MAP! Unless, of course, they have just come from the Municipal Courthouse, which is a block away. Besides, the new public safety building is moving in down the street so the police will be nearby if those pesky pit bulls you are afraid of get out of hand.

A zoo without fences?!? An off-leash dog park IS FENCED IN! Isn’t it better to have dogs letting off their pent up energy, digging and pooping in a safe place like a dog park instead of on the sidewalks of Kirkland? Or would you rather the dogs dig holes in Heritage Park?!?

Ralph, you make one good point: people should speak up and say their opinion…… YES TO THE OFF-LEASH DOG PARK!!!!

Kindest regards,

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