Letter | Moxie Media and Sleazy Attack Ads

To the Editor, I just received my 3rd smear piece about Kevin Haistings. These pieces are nothing but lies that misrepresent the candidate's positions. The State has sued the purveyors of this garbage; Moxie Media and Henry Underhill. I am appalled that these people can lie and smear candidates with impunity because the media in Seattle will not report this news.

These lying smear pieces are not only unfairly attacking candidates but private citizens as well. Joe Fuiten was personally singled out for attack. Is a private citizen not safe to express opinion without being smeared by an organization with an agenda to steal elections by any means? I believe they are trying silence Mr. Fuiten.

I hope readers who receive a glossy, picture mailer from Moxie Media or Henry Underhill with an ugly smear against a candidate in the 45th district will give it the care it deserves. They should throw it into the recycle bin immediately. To learn about the candidates, turn to the voter guide or the candidate’s website. Don’t believe these vicious underhanded attacks. The State will shut them down after the election—don’t let them influence our vote. They think Kirkland voters are stupid; let’s prove them wrong.

Jeanie D. McCombs