Welcome to our newest advertiser, DiamondWave.com

Kirkland Views would like to welcome our newest advertiser, DiamnodWave.com. Pamela Scott of Kirkland runs this online diamond jewelry store and we are pleased to welcome her as an advertiser on Kirkland Views. Check them out!

Founded in 2006 our focus is on quality, fair pricing and outstanding customer service. We believe ethics and integrity will take you far in life. To fulfill our mission we have teamed up with top quality manufacturing facilities that have done business for over 70 years and have the same integrity and ethics that we do. We bring these great traits to DiamondWave and ultimately to you, our customers.

Our customer service team is qualified and knowledgeable; Pamela Scott, a Kirkland WA native, has over twenty years of experience and her passion is helping customers make their dreams come true. Pamela's knowledge and unique ability to find the right diamond, the right setting for the right price allows her to fulfill our customers dreams.

Give Pamela a call or e-mail today and let her make your dreams come true too! 1-866-978-7801 or pam@diamondwave.com.